Everyday Bridge

Competitive Doubles


Well, nice hand 16 high card points, five diamonds, four clubs. It's good too, because we've got our points in all our long suits. No points in the heart suit. We want to have points in our long suit because that makes it easy to win extra tricks, later.

bridge hand

Right, 1D, 1H 2H. I'm still not going to pass now because I don't want to defend against their 2H contract. I could bid 3C, which would tell partner I've got five diamonds and four clubs. The other thing I could do here is double, and that should be take out. I hope North thinks that it is take out.

It can't really be a penalty double because we don't want to penalize the opposition when they've got a fit. And they're trying to play at two level. Spades still might be the best contract here. So I'm going to double and see what North does.

North bids 2S, well, that's great. So we might be in a 4-3. spade again, but that's fine. So this is really good. Okay. So this has worked out really well and you can see how effective that double was. If I had bid 3C, North probably would have bid 3D putting me back to my first suit, and we would have been playing in diamonds, which is okay, but spades is much better because we've got a spade fit, it's a major suit, so it scores more, and we're playing at the two level. This has worked out just the way that a competitive double should.